Living water at your fingertips

If you purchase a revitalizer you get clean, ionised water rich in all necessary minerals. Imagine that your tap at home is not just a dirty dirty tap, but real Living Water.

rewitalizator wody
rewitalizator wody

Water revitalizer - 21st century water!

Our revitalizer is a special water treatment system which is not an ordinary filter. It is much more than that! As the name suggests, the revitalizer not only purifies water, but also gives a number of health-promoting properties, in fact water from the revitalizer is ENRICHED WATER.

£ 1990

How does revitalizator work?

First, cleansing

Initially, the water in the revitalizer is completely purified of all harmful substances and impurities that occur in tap water.


Iron, Magnesium, Coal, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese, Selenium, Silicon - all these necessary minerals are enriched with water that is subjected to Revitalization.

STOP Acidification

Ionized water is water with a very high pH. Our revitalizer can produce water with a pH of 8.5-10pH which is an excellent result. Drinking alkaline water helps to deacidify the body.


The revitalizer gives the water a negative REDOX potential which reaches even -400 mV OPR. Drinking such water significantly supports the elimination of free radicals from our body. It perfectly improves the immune system and slows down the aging process.